Update Your Jamb Applications

    Newest version of the educational applications “Jamb Pro ,Jamb MOBILE & Jamb NOVELS,  were last updated on April-23-2019, if you’re still using the old version you’re advised to upgrade to a newer version. If you want to continue using the old version, it’s allowed, there’s absolutely no problem at all; they’ll still work, but the reason why you’re advised to update the application are as follows;


1. Faster access to online PORTALS

2.  Jamb Complete syllabus and brochure have been updated

3. More past Questions have been added

4. Wrong questions have been reviewed and corrected

3. Cut off mark CHECKER tool added

4. Admission News & Updates have been added

4a. Never miss any news concerning jamb anymore.



Please note that due to device differences and modifications, the new update might not work for the old phones yet below version 4.0.1 to 4.1.0.

if you go to playstore now and search for the application but you don’t see the update option, then it means the update rolled out is yet to be available for your device.

If you find the update button and update your application but after you launch the app; you get the error message “unfortunately Jamb portal or jamb novel application has stopped” kindly uninstall the application entirely from your device and reinstall from playstore it’d work fine. If after these you still have problem installing the application or getting it to work on your device please use the contact box below to contact our support team. Or write to us on support@swiftspeededu.com [please copy the email address somewhere safe as you’d be using that to contact us in the future in case you have any enquiry or issues]  We’d get back to you  within 2 business days.

Use the buttons below to Update the application now. Or completely ignore if you don’t wish to update the application at this time.

We recommend that you tryout jamb pro

Read about the newly released version of jamb Pro application here