UNILAG Post-UTME Instructions 2020 Candidates

UNILAG Post-UTME Instructions 2020 information to all prospective candidates scheduled to take part in the University of Lagos 2020/2021 post-UTME test that they are expected to login on the link as provided as follows: https://proctee.webtest.ng/exam/unilag

UNILAG Post-UTME Instructions 2020 Candidates


Your UTME number serves as your username and your surname in lowercase serves as your password. i.e.

Username = your UTME number

Password = your surname in lowercase

The duration of the test would be 30 minutes.

The examination instructions are listed below.

This is an Entry requirement. In this case, a candidate must properly comport herself. It is advisable for candidates to have a fast Internet connection before they attempt the online proficiency test.

Your activities during this testing time will be watched and recorded. Candidates will have to use a webcam and a microphone when testing themselves. Mobile phones should not be used for aptitude test.

Candidates are prohibited from using webcams in the aptitude test. If you fail to see the candidate the whole time during the test, you are disqualified.

During the performance test, you are not allowed to leave. You should adequately prepare yourself before taking the test.

When doing the exam, you are not permitted to switch to another tab or run any other application on the computer. A refusal to pass the exam will lead to an automatic disqualification.

People should not be allowed to get close to you during the exam. You will be disqualified if any spectators are seen around you during the interview.

The length of the aptitude test is approximately 30 minutes. The timer starts counting as soon as you click on it and continues even if you close your browser.

If you run out of time in the aptitude test, your answers will automatically be submitted for consideration.

Use of face mask or face shield are not allowed during the test.

For assistance before and during the test please contact the following numbers 09058702877, 07043359831 or email: admissions@unilag.edu.ng