Writing is an art that never gets old. Writing is as old as human civilization and writing is what will be left, when we are gone, and future archaeologists want to know about our time.

Fun fact; writing is older than football

While writing can be fun, it can be as draining as football. And draining acts deserve to be rewarded. Let me reword that sentence: writing should be rewarded. Yes! And this is what SSCL is all about: football and writing. Well, draining activities and rewards.

What is SSCL?

In short: _*Short Story Champions League.*_ Okay I lied, that’s the full meaning. The SSCL is a marriage of football and writing. Arsenal fans stay off.

The SSCL will feature group stage matches between writers, qualifier rounds, and eventual winners. Not to worry, the competitions will be short stories, no kicking around; hence the name. You won’t be selling out your manuscript, and if you sell a part of it for the grand prize of N100,000,well it’s not too much. Before you roll your eyes, the second position will also carry N50, 000 and well, second runner-up will carry N30, 000

This isn’t everything. This is just a part. Courtesy of our sponsors and partners we will be having gifts for every participant who makes it beyond the group stages. So… You see? Plenty gifts for everyone.

So writers, go and ready your arsenals. And Entrepreneurs our competition is going to be digital and we’ll be running Ads. If you’re sponsoring our project, we’ll write free Ad Copies for you and promote your brand. Sounds like a cool deal yeah?

Writers, get into your writing jerseys. Sponsors, start pitching your brands. The SS Champions League is about to begin!!!

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