Hello thanks for your contribution so far to SWIFTSPEED TECHNOLOGY, you all made every effort we put in place to ensure you succeed a successful one.

A prolific writer and and Editor in chief of this website;
who go by the name (Akin Omo Akin) needs your help. He is currently a student of UNIVERSITY OF ILORIN,ILORIN. he needs you to nominate him for the Unilorin best writer of the year award.

Why should you nominate him

=== He is the chief contributor of this blog, he writes 90% of news and article you read

===He is the provider of every information sent to you from the application, he ensure you don’t miss any news by sending notification through the application

===He is the one who provide supports to candidates who have technical problem with their portal or admission or application

===He is responsible for email newsletter and updates you receive through your email.

It is time to support one of our own and win this for him, let’s encourage him to keep offering an helping hand with beautiful contributions to this website.

Click here to go to the nominate page and then click on NOMINATE. That’s all.