How to check jamb Caps Admission

for now the application does not support caps admission checking,in the subsequent update it shall be made available but pending that time, kindly read the following instructions
Enter Your registered mail and password then click on login

After you have logged in, then you can now click on the left hand
side menu bar to select CAPS

You’ll see this page immediately you logged in into your CAPS, don’t
panic that’s not all, click on the 3 doted line circled
in this screenshot

Click on request desktop site, and your details shall be fully


follow the procedure you just read to check if you have been offered admission please do not accept any admission you don’t want, and if you see congratulatory message and you’re interested in the admission given kindly accept as soon as possible or infact accept immediately

To proceed to jamb login page for checking click the button below



If you’re viewing this from the application, type this link to your chrome browser to access your caps

Please make sure you’re using your chrome browser to login or PC, if you’re login in through PC you don’t need the above steps , your admission status would be displayed as soon as you click on CAPS