JAMB: Important things you should know before going for your exam

As part of our consistent effort to ensure you get the best of your JAMB UTME examination, our team have come up with few things you should take note of if you haven’t done your exam, this guides were gathered by interrogating candidates who had their exam yesterday and those who did today, we wish best of luck to students who have done their examination as they anticipate their fate (result), If you haven’t done yours, this is an opportunity to prepare and get at least few idea on the exam. Read attentively:

 Upon entering the Cbt Hall you shall be required to do some things, first of them is biometric and data verification, that is, you’d have to thumb print so jamb can verify that it is the registered student who is present for the test. Additionally you’d be asked to present your reprinted slip. After these verification you shall be asked to proceed into the exam hall and exam co-ordinator will show your system. Don’t start if you’re not ask to. On your screen, you’d see a space to enter your registration number, once you are asked to start by the co-ordinator enter your registeration number on the space provided and click log in, immediately you’re logged in then you should take note of the following

•your passport photograph at the top left hand corner of the examination screen

•An on-screen calculator also located at the top left corner, for your subjects that involves calculator

• A brief instruction on how to use the 8keys letter on your keyboard shall be displayed at the top left corner

• And finally you will see a box beneath with inscription “start exam” once you click start, your time count begins, you need to work with two things, your brain and most importantly your time as it is impossible for you to pause.

 on our previous post we ensure this is discussed extensively with complete explanation, kindly navigation to the section by clicking here, to learn how to use your 8keys on the keyboard

 You need to watch it as this year jamb invigilator are very strict, prevent yourself from looking side ways unnecessarily, comport orderly, specifically in the best way/manner and ensure you apply your manners when you want to throw questions to the supervisor. Be informed that all you activities are carried out on camera, follow the given instructions and face nothing else but your computer screen, do not attempt to assist anyone by looking sides or ask anyone to assist you, both of you’d be recorded on camera and upon review of your activity JAMB might eventually decided to cancel your result, or mark you absent.

 Gathering experience and information from different angles, our team were made to understand that almost all the question that was set were past questions, this is no new thing with UTME EXAM, that was is the reason why we ensure you’re and were provided with past questions on our application, study your past question, we don’t know the specific year that came out the most, but you could do yourself some favor by practicing and ensuring you understand. Don’t cram past question, don’t memorize, just ensure you understand and you can provide similar answer even if the same question come out for you in a different format. Don’t get your head up only with studying only, get busy with past questions yoo and your result shall smile at you when you see them.

 This is usually common with student that have to think for a minute or two to anser a question, according to our findings, it seem the system is program to FREEZE after a minute of no activity on your screen, that means the system automatically freeze when you spend close to two minute without moving to the next question, when it freezes you might not be able to navigate to the next question, well, if you experience this do not panic, locate F5 on your keyboard and click on it, the issue would be resolve instantly and you’d be able to continue

We hope this helps you, at least a little bit

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