In order to enlighten you more and ensure sufficiency on your use of information and knowledge, our support team have put together some comprehensive answers to most of your frequently asked questions concerning jamb as a candidate or as an aspirant

Question shall be represented with Q
Answers Shall be with A

Question: Where can I get Cbt past questions?

Answer: it is right inside the application you can use the search option at the top of your application.

Q: How much can I get the application?

A: the application is free for all… Anybody can download and use.

Q: where can I downloaded the application?

A: Use the link below

Q: when is reprinting starting?

A: we’d let you know when it get started but eventually if you didn’t hear back from us use the link below to reprint your slip




Q: how can we contact jamb directly

A: the option is on the application, login to your application menu and scroll down, but if you don’t find the section you can always email JAMB on or

Q: I want to know everything about courses and institution, changing of course, cut off marks and more?

A: click the button below to make the rrequest. NB; [not free]


Q: will the application gives us updates on our Individual institutions?

A: Yes, sometimes, but if you need to make enquiry about that email our support team on

Q: I need an excellent English app to study for my Post UTME

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Q: Are there Post Utme past questions on the application

A: Yes there are. And we are adding more to enhance your studies.

Q: will the application provide all jamb materials for us?

A: Yes you can use the link below to request for any material you need for studying




Q: after creating my profile it’s not opening?

A: jamb portal is undergoing maintenance and for that reason, profile creation and login for new users is not available at this time, we’d inform you as soon as it’s available.

Q: when is jamb registeration commencing?

A: we’d keep you on track and ensure you don’t miss any information concerning your JAMB REGISTERATION or EXAM

Q:How can I change my course or subject?

A:Use the link below to effect the change



Q: How can we check our jamb caps admission?

A: please use the link below to check your JAMB caps admission


Q: What can I do to get ban from the application?

A: Read Our Privacy Policy below

Q: Where can I get latest information on JAMB

A: Please go to the application menu, and click on JAMB UPDATES
Or use the below link

Q: How can I mute the chat on the application, the notification is disturbing?

A: Click on the volume-like icon at the upper right corner of the particular chat section you wish to mute

Q: Please can we get runs and expo from you guys

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A: No, and we forbid our users to ask for such, if any user send us a message asking for runs or expo, such user shall be mute for 48, if the user is found wanting of another policy violation the users shall be completely removed and will have no access to the application again.

Q: most of the past questions not complete why?

A: Apologies, our technical team are working on that, all past questions shall be added soon enough.

Q: the email I filled during registeration was wrong, can I change my email?

A: No you can’t change your JAMB email at this time

Q: I have Issues with payment on the jamb portals, how can you help me ?

A: please visit the nearest JAMB office around you, if you don’t know one send your location to, you’d receive address of the closest jamb office around your location.

Q: A user of the application is disturbing me, what can I do?

A: Use the block button, when next they send you message

Q: What are the things jamb disallowed and could count as exam malpractices?

A: please use the link below to read them

Q: I Want to follow every updates directly from jamb portal how can I do that?

A: Please check the link below


Visit the nearest jamb office around you or

use the contact box to connect with our specialist or send your email directly to