No doubts, digital marketing has taken over, and advertisements has become one of the most important structure of any successfull business. Business has been structured as INVESTMENT –> SALES –> INCOME –>, alot more could be said about the importance of advertisements, but we believe that you understand what it is better; and that’s likely what brought you on this page. If you’re intending to interface a platform to promote your brand then you’re certainly in the right place, kindly follow through as we proceed.

At SWIFTSPEED UNIVERSAL TECHNOLOGY We offer 3 basic advertising model to our clients and customers, they are;

CPC– Cost Per Click
CPM – Cost Per Mile [ Cost Per Thousand Impression]
CPD – Cost Per Day

CPC means cost per 1 click on the advert an advertiser place on our website, it ranges from $0.20 to 1$ or less depending on the banner or place where the ads is placed. You should consider this model if your business niche matches any of the following

==== You own a website where you want to send traffic to
==== You own a product that you wish to sell
==== You own an app that needs more download
==== You have a page where you display crucial information that you’d love people to visit

as long as you have an important page or platform to engage and welcome audiences coming from your campaign you should be good with a CPC MODEL based ads.

CPM (Cost Per Thousand Miles)
This means the amount of users that you need to view your ads before you pay. [per thousand miles means the cost for 1000users that view your ads inventory] it usually ranges from 0.05 – 0.10. this Advertising model is recommended;

===If you’re a have start-up company or organisation and you wish to promote the brand or name.
=== If you’re a politician campaigning to reach more larger audience [customisation to a specific location is available]

CPD- (Cost Per Day)
This Advertising model may be the best for you depending on the type of ads you are running or you wish to run, it’d save you alot of trouble of conversion because it’s technically a contract between, ( “You” the Advertiser & “We” Publisher ) in this model you do not pay for clicks or impression on your ads, you per for each day that your campaign get displayed on the site irrespective of any clicks or impression.

We have helped many businesses in Nigeria and abroad and we still promotes  successful campaign with assurances to advertiser based on their intending goals, our customers and statistics speak for us. Potentially you can reach your targeted audience from our platform. We own more than enough websites mobile, popular mobile applications on Google play, to ensure your marketing with us become a successful one.

We owned one of the largest Educational resources website at least with 500,000/per monthly visits

We have a Technology website with a Million readers/per monthly visits, here is evidence


We have an Appmaker website with a lot users from different companies

We own a Facebook page of about 700likes where we also run your campaign personally if our marketing team feels there’s need for your ads to reach more audience and ensuring that your advertising goal is achieved.

Here is our statistics from different platforms

Advertising with us is so easy, you can monitor your campaign from your own personal backend, you can edit your ads, you can pause your ads, you can change the model and you can also view your ads statistics.

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If you’re in Nigeria and you don’t have a PayPal account or do not wish to pay with the PayPal gateway please contact us at we’d set you up manually to pay through paystack and interswitch an you’d be sent the details to manage your ads.

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